Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Knotty by Nature: Why isn't your hair growing?

Are you experiencing a lack of length retention, or is your scalp flaky and/or dry? I used to get super frustrated with my knotty strands, until I start maintaining a strict scalp cleansing regimen. The key to growing out your hair isn't so much about what you wash your hair with, but more so, the health of your scalp. I notice an abundance of girls that use products on their hair, and wash and condition their hair, like that's it. Unfortunately, just because you wash your hair and it feels clean, it doesn't mean that the build up is free from your scalp. 

  • My hair type is a 3c, very soft, lots of bounce. I've always been natural, I transitioning from heat damage (last year I fried my hair, I went to heat after being heat free for about 3 years, now I must grow my hair back long again), I've been heat free for about 2 months now.
Pay attention to your growth rate once you add a scalp cleanse to your hair care regimen. The best part about a good scalp cleanse, is that it doesn't take up very much time. The cleanse takes about 20 minutes, and that's including prep time and the scalp scrub. After I take care of the cleansing, I do a AVC (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse, and enjoy my shine!

Once you conquer adding a scalp cleanse into your regimen (I recommended at least 2x a month), not only will your hair love you for it, but retaining length should be a bit less of a hassle, if you are doing what works best for your hair type. A healthy scalp, and locking in moisture are high priority in my hair care regimens.

The Mix: 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I amp mine up a bit with 1 tablespoon of conditioner if I didn't pre-poo the night b4.

Note: You can change the measurements, but keep in mind that its supposed to be a gentle scrub. Also, I apply the scrub to my hair when it is damp, and its easier when I divide it into 4 sections. In each section part off your hair and apply the mix and massage into your scalp for a few seconds.

  • I'll share my hair care regimen this week, along with my favorite hair products. 
What's a must-do in your hair care regimen?

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